Being a leading film production company based in Athens, Telekinisi has produced some of the most successful tv series during the last decade.

How has it managed to become an on-going success story?
Few can argue that it all comes to this unique combination: its core team, consisting of competent and experienced artists whose longing for high quality spectacle never fades away, high aesthetic values and the use of the latest technology.
Manoussos Manoussakis studied at the London Film School and since then he has established a long and successful career. He has directed: 5 feature films, 11 theatrical plays, 10 TV movies and 20 weekly TV series. He has been awarded with the Best Cinematography award at the Chicago Children Film Festival and the Best Screenplay Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival with the film “The Enchantress” (“I Skiahtra”). All his TV series have been largely viewed, reaching a rating of 73%, a record which has not been surpassed yet. Meanwhile, he has received an award for best director and three Favorite TV series awards.   
It is important to mention that the subject matter of most of his works is concerned with the denunciation of intolerance.



Born in Athens in Greece (1975). He studied composition and film at Columbia College Chicago in Illinois. In 2006 he graduated from the Ionian University with a Masters Degree in Electroacoustic Composition. He is currently a research student at DMU studying with John Ritchards and Simon Emmerson.
He works as a composer since 1998. He has composed works for small ensembles, solos, electroacoustic installations, video art  and multimedia shows. He has also composed the original music for theater shows, documentaries, tv series, short films and theater dance shows.
He is a founding member of Medea Electronique and helps run the collective residency Koumaria, in Sparta, Greece.
Manousakis gained his footing in live theater while at Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied composition with Gustavo Leone before returning to study with Tim Ward and Andreas Mniestris at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. Prior to his sojourn in Chicago, he was deeply engaged in both independent avant-garde theater and in the popular theater of his native country. Since that time, he has rarely been without a film or stage project and as a result has embraced a wide variety of stylistic influences. He notes, “I found that, through composing for music for the theater, I could explore different paths of writing–from baroque music when composing for Shakespearean plays to hard core electronica when composing for independent shows.”
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My name is  Maria Manousakis. I studied anthropology at the University of Illinois and Ι did my postgraduate studies in Anthropology at the Aegean University . In 1993 Manoussos Manoussakis and I established a film and television production company, TELEKINISI S.A.  I worked as an executive producer and producer for TELEKINISI from it's establishment up to the present.  I have produced: fourteen weekly TV series with a total of 520 episodes, thirteen telefilms, a short film, “TOY TOWN”, a co-production in the theatrical adaptation of “LYSISTRATA 2000” staged at the Bailiwick Theatre in Chicago and two feature films (THE RED DRAGON) an international co-production, and our 2015 production "CLOUDY SUNDAY" which is participating in the European Film Market in Berlin 2016.
I am also an organic culturist and passionate in the preservation and cultivation of local seeds and biodiversity.

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